The Medicine of the Moon

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I started working with the Moon as a map for manifesting back in my mid 20s when I was living in an East London house share and working 2 jobs. In honesty, this was a pretty low moment in my life. I was completely unfulfilled by anything I did and was trying to fill that void by numbing out. Any time not spent working was spent trying to get as far out of my mind as possible. I had no tools for self regulation and I didn’t believe that such drastic change was possible. 

There was, however, one flicker of hope. That milky disc in the sky always spoke to me, since childhood; a time where I was most definitely more in tune and connected to myself. So when the going got tough, I turned skyward. 

Most of what I have learned working with the Moon in this way did not come from books or seminars, it came from many personal Moon ceremonies, reflections and an experiment which I forged when I began to understand how the Moon moves through the sky. Signs showed me the way, and although that period of time was difficult, I realise now looking back that I had to go through the murkiness in order to come out the other side with this incredible new tool to hand. 


Lunar Guidance

Soon after taking up this practice, I moved home to Ireland and began to start anew. Since then, I have followed the signs which have led me around the world and back again. I have built my own business which allows me to be fully in control of when and how I work, but most importantly, the work I do brings me such joy and satisfaction. I no longer feel down in the dumps, striving and never having enough. My life has meaning now, I am committed to myself, my students and anyone whom I hold space for. This is all a gift which came from following the guidance of the Moon. 

I firmly believe that my intuition led me to the practice of Moon Magick. Looking at all that has come to be in my life since that time, I would never have believed it if you told me back then where I would be now. I have moved through layers of inner work using the Moon as my guide. The Moon waxes and wanes, she moves from dark to light and then back to dark again, in this alone she teaches us so much about our complexities. These learnings are continuous, they never end. With each layer shed, more illumination shows up in your life, the more you become more authentically yourself. 

Pulsing Pattern

The Moon is the most obvious marker in our sky. With her consistent pulsation from darkness to light each month, she represents the pulsation or wave-like pattern which makes up all of life; from blood in our veins to the clouds in the sky to the waves in the ocean. The 28 day lunar cycle is in almost exact correspondence with that of the human menstrual cycle - we are the only mammals on planet Earth that sync with the Moon in this way.  If the Moon can mirror the patterns in our very bodies, what other mysteries are held within her ancient technology?

Mapping the Moon

Each month, at the start of each lunar cycle, the Moon disappears completely from sight for 3 full days: the New Moon phase of the cycle. Each cycle, the Moon will be in a different zodiac constellation - so when you search what your Moon sign is in your birth chart, this is what you are looking for. It is your moon sign which is thought to influence your emotions, instincts, and inner self. 

At this initial stage of the lunar cycle, let’s imagine the moon is in Virgo - this will be a ‘New Moon in Virgo’. The Moon will then move through the other signs over the month, before beginning the cycle again at the next zodiac sign, Libra, and so on. Therefore, it will be six months later that the Moon comes to fullness in that particular sign. So, in essence, it takes 6 months for the Moon to return to that particular sign as a full Moon. 

Using this as my map, I began to keep a Moon journal on what I was calling in and remaining dedicated to manifesting it. This takes discipline and accountability in order to see it through to the finish line. However, I can say now, this works if the will is there. 

Sisters of the Moon

Since devising this method and pairing it with supportive rituals and practices, I have guided hundreds of women through this process in Sisters of the Moon - a 6 month guided cycle of Moon Magick. The results I have seen over the years have been truly astounding. Not only have I witnessed women coming home to themselves, I have seen babies, houses, big life moves, promotions and so much self esteem amongst these women. This is what Sisters of the Moon is about, the importance of community as well as the power of dedicated ritual and intention. In this 6 month container, we meet once a month, either under the full Moon or the new Moon, depending on the cycle. It is in this virtual gathering that we return to our intentions, are held accountable to what we are working on and show up for ourselves in our lives, to create something worth living for, to deepen our connection with the cycles within and around us and to move into a higher vibrational state of being. 

Join the Sisterhood

I believe everything is divinely guided to us at the perfect time, when you are called to the deep inner call of knowing, you will know. If you have been drawn to the symbolic, the mythical and the mystery of existence, this space is for you. Sisters of the Moon begins another 6 month cycle starting December 27th 2023. All gatherings are virtual via zoom under the Full Moon. To keep you on track, you will receive a prerecorded practice to honour the New Moon each month also. 

Learn more and sign up here

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