The Medicine of the Moon

blooming moons

I started working with the Moon as a map for manifesting back in my mid 20s when I was living in an East London house share and working 2 jobs. In honesty, this was a pretty low moment in my life. I was completely unfulfilled by anything I did and was trying to fill that void by numbing out. Any time not spent working was spent trying to get as far out of my mind as possible. I...

Samhain's Wisdom: Answering the Call of the Void

Samhain's Wisdom: Answering the Call of the Void


At this time of year, the Celtic Wheel spins, and Samhain greets us once more. As we prepare to step into the darkness, whispers of remembrance are all around us. 

Powerful celestial shifts now stir the call of the void within our souls. So, let's answer it together and discover the timeless wisdom Samhain offers.

The Magic of Samhain

Samhain, pronounced SOW-in, is the Celtic New Year, a moment of profound significance.

The Night I died and was Reborn

My first vigil. Outside, in the wilderness. Alone and awake at the edge of a forest, by the lakeside through the night. When I chose the date, only subconsciously realising that it was during the retrograde of Venus: the embodiment of the Goddess Inanna's descent to the underworld, the dark, the unknown. Places we associate with fear, places where you can hear but you can’t see. It was a new moon also, so I was fully aware that I had chosen the darkest possible time to undertake this ritual.  

I walked...