LucyBloom Yoga

Namaste friends, my name is Lucybloom Webb and I would like to welcome you to Bloom. This space is a culmination of the work I have been called to do in this lifetime. In essence, my hope with my offerings is to connect you more deeply to your truest self, to help you Bloom into your fullest potential.  Throughout my work I offer Yoga classes, mentorships, teacher trainings, divination, Women's circles and embodiment practices all to help you grow, heal and manifest.


"Lucybloom is a gifted teacher and communicator. Her insights fuse ancient wisdom with modern life. In her classes I always find both grounding and uplift."

Grainne C.

"The first class I took with Lucy I went up to her at the end and hugged her. I found you! Still feel the same way xx" 

Helen J.

"A little swatch of sanity in this crazy busy city."

S. J.