"Lucy has changed the way that I think and feel about the world and within myself but this is only the beginning. Whatever it is you are seeking, you can be sure that Lucy and the SOTM circle will guide you there."

- Deirbhle


"The first class I took with Lucy I went up to her at the end and hugged her. I found you! Still feel the same way."

- Helen


"I had no idea what to expect from sisters of the moon cycle l, I was new to the whole experience but had been exploring my spiritual side a lot more in the past year or so. I feel like Lucy opened my eyes and mind to a different way of thinking, and feeling! I feel so grateful to have been sent on this journey. My father passed away after a very short illness last month and I couldn't imagine how I would have gotten through it without the new perspective I've developed with help from the course."

- Ruth


"Eye-opening, empowering & insightful. These words barely begin to describe the Sisters of the Moon. With an array of transcendental knowledge Lucybloom craftily puts together - such as breathwork, astrology, guided meditations, vibrational energetics - all benefitting towards self-discovery. Amongst a beautiful surrounding of Sisters, I have felt so blessed to have Lucybloom guide the way on this beautiful journey that I can see transpire into my life."

- Joanna


"Lucybloom is a gifted teacher and communicator. Her insights fuse ancient wisdom with modern life. In her classes I always find both grounding and uplifting."

- Grainne


"Lucy has created a sacred space that has helped me to navigate challenging times, build awareness and manifest many beautiful changes. Lucy shares her incredible wisdom, ancient rituals and practices and holds space for everyone. It is truly beautiful to be part of Sisters of the Moon."

- Chloe


“I’ve been lucky enough to have participated in Sisters of the Moon circle from the beginning and with each container I gain more and more clarity and feel more and more connected to my authentic self. It’s  difficult to condense into words how much I have benefited from SOTM but here is a small snapshot…Journeying through the past few cycles of SOTM has been integral to many positive changes in my life, particularly in my inner life. These monthly circles have given me the much needed space and time to pause, reflect, and integrate, as I can get so caught up in the business of the day-to-day. Connecting to the cycles of the moon and living in a more cyclical ways been one of the most important, life-affirming discoveries I have made over the past few years, and SOTM (along with Lucy’s yoga classes, workshops and other offerings) has been a huge part of this journey. I have discovered many tools and practice to become more embodied and connected to my energy body, uncover what I really desire and how to manifest it. As well as this, connecting to my inner knowing and intuition, regulating my nervous system, deepening my connection with nature, bringing more ritual into my life, becoming more aware of unconscious patterns and conditioning, tapping into my creativity, feeling more seen and heard, beginning to heal my inner child and deepening my connection to the Divine Feminine. I absolutely love the astrology and embodiment practices that Lucy weaves into the circles and learning about the Goddesses has been so interesting and inspiring. It’s also so lovely to connect with other like minded women and share our experiences with a true Sisterhood. The SOTM container has been pivotal on my journey to greater self-actualisation and wholeness and to live more in alignment with my authentic self. Lucybloom’s work is so authentic, full of empathy and integrity. She is extremely gifted at holding healing space for others. Lucy is so articulate, and her knowledge is incredible. She shares her wisdom so generously and from a place of having done the work herself. She is also so supportive of others on this path. Lucy has been such an important teacher and guide in my life and I’m so grateful for her and her work.”

- Ellen


"It was so much more than I anticipated. Lucy brought us on an incredible journey in each class. Her guidance and wisdom really brought me into deep connection with my femininity, with my shadow and just pure joy! I also loved the little circle of women that Lucy helped to weave. Lucy is a real healer -- I'm so grateful to have taken part in the course!"

- Jenna


"Working with Lucy has been incredibly rewarding. She provides the necessary tools to help you grow and achieve your goals by mastering how we each interact with the world and ourselves. Being able to connect with the other sisters in a group setting is empowering but the real magic is Lucy's insight, awareness and keen knowledge of a vast array of topics. For anyone who is ready to take the next step into their own personal growth and development, I would highly recommend Lucy. Working with her is therapeutic."

- Susan


"I have thoroughly enjoyed my first cycle of Sisters of the Moon. Lucy is an incredible teacher with such invaluable insights and knowledge to share. I took part in one to one sessions with Lucy, adding extra depth and a personal element that allowed more focus on my individual goals. The experience really helped me to get clear on what I wanted to achieve and the steps I needed to take. I have seen the intentions I set out at the beginning of the cycle come to life which has amazed me. It's been a privilege to have had the chance to work with Lucy. I'd recommend this cycle to help gain clarity on an intention and take action towards achieving it."

- Clare


 "Beyond the Asana was an incredible weekend which, for me, was an introductory dive into Tantric yoga. It’s not only Lucy’s passion and her sharing of her depth of knowledge of the energy body that makes the Beyond the Asana training so potent; Her teachings guide you to experience the energy resonating deep within your own body. This Introspection has left me feeling stronger and more connected within my own practice. This strength then has enabled me to both exist and move intuitively, on and off the mat."

 - Eve


"I have been a part of Sisters of The Moon since 2020, gathering with my sisters under the Moon each month has become a sacred and transformative space for me. Each time we meet Lucybloom has a way of bringing to the surface the barriers that are holding us back from a life lived authentically and fully. In my experience this work can be confronting, a beautiful dance between beauty and discomfort but there is a feeling of safety within this space allowing vulnerability and softness to show itself with a knowing that you are being held and supported not just by Lucybloom herself but by your fellow sisters. I truly believe in the power of this work, releasing all that no longer serves you to make space for that which is for you, and don’t we all deserve that?"

- Meagan


"I've done almost one half-year cycle of Sisters of the Moon, and practiced yoga with Lucy for a few months before that. Lucy meets you where you are, and holds a space for you to grow, no matter what you're facing in your life and yourself. She's like a friend on the path, genuinely interested in your next steps, and ready to support you with her own deep knowledge and study. The Sisters of the Moon practices weave ancient wisdom into modern life with wit, connection, and compassion. It's been an incredible experience so far, and I'll definitely be coming back."

- Heather


"Beyond the Asana was the most magical and transformative weekend. Lucybloom is a fountain of knowledge. The manual that she has created alone is full to the brim with wisdom. She is passionate, caring and fully brings herself to the weekend. The detail throughout Beyond the Asana was incredible. Lucybloom created a very special space with a very special group. It was an honour to be in the room. Beyond the Asana will take you beyond yourself and you will be sure to transform over the weekend. Lucy shares her beautiful rituals and practices that create a deeper connection with yourself, yoga and your mat. Learning with Lucybloom will change how you practice and teach yoga."

 - Chloe


"Lucybloom is so talented at what she does. I always felt a strange draw to the moon and astrology and it is so nice to learn more about it in such a lovely environment. I thoroughly enjoyed every full moon gathering and finding out about the energies in the air. But also, the new moon practices and affirmations really helped me to manifest exactly what I wanted. I have come a long way in 6 months and SOTM has hugely helped me on my journey. Highly recommend."

 - Grainne


"I’ve been joining Sisters of the Moon for two years now, and I can honestly say it is one of the best things I have done for my personal and spiritual health. The circles are so much more than manifestation workshops - they are a safe, nurturing space to connect with yourself and learn about yourself on a deeper, more fulfilling level. Personally, I joined two years ago to work towards a specific goal, and I had manifested it within 6 months following Lucy’s guidance and teachings. I’ve continued to attend because it is a time that I take just for myself once a month, that nourishes me for the whole cycle. Lucy constantly changes and innovates to make sure the takeaways and benefits are layered and long lasting. One of the most amazing parts of the experience is to be in the presence of other like minded women, to feel supported and loved and heard. I can’t describe the community that Lucy has cultivated - it’s really special. I recommend this experience to anyone who is looking to improve their life, connect with themselves on a deeper level, and enrich their spiritual health and well-being - you won’t regret it."

- Jo


"I've participated in SOTM circles for about a year. Being part of a community with similar beliefs has been so healing after feeling so disconnected from the world for a while. I've manifested more than I can keep track of: a better relationship with money (and more money), I got engaged, made new friends, started the healing process of my womb space, I got a cat, and finally decided on a living room decor. But the most important aspect that I manifested is the relationship I have with myself, where I can find space to be kinder, and more patient with myself. This has been the greatest gift so far, and I'm sure there will be so many other things manifested thanks to the practices, rituals, myths, and conversations during the circles. I'm really excited about the next circle. Thank you so much, Lucy."

- Diana


"Lucybloom and our SOTM group is pure magic. It taught me so much about the power of manifestation, visualisation and bringing your dreams and ambitions into existence. I've been trying to relocate back to Toronto the last 3 years or so and around 2 months into this powerful journey, we received our permits! Personally, I joined two years ago to work towards a specific goal, and I had manifested it within 6 months following Lucy’s guidance and teachings. I’ve continued to attend because it is a time that I take just for myself once a month, that nourishes me for the whole cycle."

- Megan


"Thank you for SOTM. I didn’t really know what to expect, but I joined with an open mind, keen curiosity, desire to learn, and of course, my trust in you. SOTM now holds a special place in my heart. You have an amazing ability to create, and hold, a safe, supportive, encouraging and enriching space for women. I think this monthly circle filled a hole I didn’t realise I had. It was time for me. It was time I was committed to and consciously dedicated to myself to connect with myself. It was a sacred time. I loved collecting sticks and tying them into a star (which sits in my front window). I loved the ceremony of prepping for each session - wandering around my house looking for candles, in the green for something from nature… I loved logging on and seeing all the other women who also chose to join. I enjoyed the breakout sessions and really getting a chance to chat with the sisters. I liked finding my voice and being brave enough to share. I loved feeling safe. I loved knowing I could be me - my true self. I enjoyed learning about all those badass goddesses. They’re inspiring. I loved talking to friends about this amazing experience I had the opportunity to be part of. I loved being curious and learning."

- Carrie