Studio Classes


I offer studio classes via Reformation & The Space Between. To book these classes you will need to go to the studio's website, which I have linked below. 


Wednesdays 6pm, 75 min class (Tantra Yoga) and 7:30pm (Pregnancy Yoga) with The Space Between

Fridays 10am, 90 min class (Tantra Yoga) Reformation

Pregnancy Yoga

Yoga is a great tool to remedy some of the common symptoms women experience during pregnancy. Practising movement and body awareness during pregnancy will also lend itself to how you manage during labour.
I teach a range of stamina building exercises, breathing techniques, pelvic floor awareness, visualisation & relaxation techniques as well as some useful information to prepare you for labour.
I believe pregnancy is a potent time for women as they create from the space of the womb and do the job that only women can do: birth life into the world. 
My next Pregnancy course will commence May 31st 2023 in The Space Between which you can book through the link below. Join my mailing list for further updates. 

One-on-one Classes

I am available for one-on-one classes on request. Get in touch to arrange a class.


To get the most out of your class it’s best to come prepared.

I really suggest if you are practising from home, to set up a sacred space for yourself, so as to make the practice a time where you can completely honour to meet your needs. Candles, incense, blankets and cushions can make for a cosy relaxing experience. This is your time for YOU. Please offer yourself the kindness you deserve.

Wear comfortable clothes which you can move around easily in. Try not to eat a heavy meal at least 2 hours before class. Ensure you are hydrated before class - it is advisable to avoid drinking water during the class if possible.