Sisters of the Moon - The Dark Moon Series (Tier 1)

Sisters of the Moon - The Dark Moon Series (Tier 1)

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Tier 1 gives you access to the monthly Dark Moon circles as well as the Full Moon practices. 

What is Sisters of the Moon: The Dark Moon Cycle?

Sisters of the Moon is a 6-month program featuring live circles coinciding with the new (dark) moon each month. In the Dark Moon Cycle, we work mainly with exploration of the shadow through Dark Feminine archetypes. Each month we will connect with a different Dark Goddess to unearth the feminine shadow within: the rejected parts of yourself.  This is a journey of becoming whole, integrating our desired and undesired aspects, tapping into your highest potential and uncovering your true essence. 

In our busy lives, it can be challenging to prioritise inner growth, which is why Sisters of the Moon was created. Over the years, hundreds of women have joined us, learning about rituals, lunar influences, manifestation, and, most importantly, becoming more connected with themselves.

How does it work? 

Each month, during the dark moon – a time of initiation and introspection – we come together in a live online circle* to harness the moon's energy and understand life's natural rhythms. 

My main aim is to help you to live authentically. Reclaiming our Shadow is without a doubt the way to unashamedly step into your truth. By committing to this journey, you'll rediscover your highest self through healing practices, mythos, archetypes and connecting with the Sisterhood in our circles. We follow the moon's phases to guide us in manifesting our desires, nurturing personal growth, and fostering a supportive community.

With each lunar cycle, you'll also receive a practice in your inbox at the Full Moon designed to connect you with this important phase. These practices, such as ritual, vision quests, meditations and yoga will be pre-recorded so you can do them in your own time. Each practice will be tailored to the astrological sign and the season.

*all circles are recorded

What to expect:

  • Relevant Ritual & ceremony 
  • Connecting to the inner (menstrual) and outer (lunar) cycles
  • Manifestation Process/ Breakdown
  • Accessing healing through Yoga Nidra
  • Inner work, some areas include: boundaries, core values, attachment styles, patterning & the inner child
  • Dissolving Ego based traits through Meditation, Yoga, Journalling
  • Monthly Sadhanas to break barriers, move forward with your intentions 


Live Circles: Dates for your diary: each circle is as close to the Dark Moon as possible while attending the live space will be the most potent. Circles are 2 hours (these sessions are also recorded).


Live Circle Dates (all circles are 7-9pm GMT)

  • Thursday July 4th
  • Monday August 5th
  • Tuesday September 3rd
  • Wednesday October 2nd
  • Wednesday November 8th
  • Monday December 2nd



This work is dependent on you. You get out what you put in. By deciding to embark on this journey, I strongly advise you make the commitment to yourself to put the effort into these practices, to show up for the live circles, to stay connected to your sadhana. I can certainly guide you on this path and will be consistently available to you, however, if you really want to manifest change, you must dedicate to that intention. If you make this commitment and stick to it, you shall reap the rewards. 

By purchasing you agree to  pay €35 per month for six months.