Tarot Session - Online Zoom

Tarot Session - Online Zoom

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Tarot is an ancient form of divination which can offer great clarity to where you are on your life's path. Layers of a situation which may not be clear on the surface can often com through in a reading. I work with Celtic Cross spreads (10 cards) in order to get a detailed picture of the situation and its unfoldment. 

In our session, we will utilise the cards to get clarity on where you are, obstacles on the path as well as insights on how to move forward. It is helpful for you to have a question in mind, but not essential - whatever needs to be revealed will come through in the cards.

This method continues to support and guide my own life since receiving my first cards 16 years ago. Tarot is one of the best ways to pull information out from the subconscious, making it an incredible healing modality also. 

Sessions are generally between 30mins-1hour.