Sisters of the Moon: The Dark Moon Series (Tier 1)

Sisters of the Moon: The Dark Moon Series (Tier 1)

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Tier 1 is your place in the circle of The Sisterhood. This option gives you cues together live full moon circles* as well as pre recorded full moon practices sent to your inbox. You will also have access to the SOTM forum where you can stay connected to the community. This is a space or sharing experiences, offering recommendations, connection with those on the same path as you and general craic. 

*all circles are recorded.

Sisters Of The Moon is a commitment to yourself and your highest potential. The Dark Moon Series specifically works with archetypes of the Dark Feminine, the process of reclamation of the rejected self (or shadow self) in order to step into your authenticity. By learning of these archetypes and Dark Goddesses as well as journeying with them, we resurrect the forgotten parts of ourselves which hold the key to full self acceptance.   

Anything you wish for is available to you, sometimes all it takes is some patient dedication along with a focus on inner work; our desires can only manifest when our inner world reflects our outer world. 

In Sisters of the Moon we create space for you to dive deep into your psyche in order to realise your divinity. In this cycle of SOTM, we will gather on the Full Moon. This is a time of ripening and releasing. Through these cycles and ritual manifestation, we embark on a journey to accept the WHOLE of who we are and to CREATE our own reality. 

This is a place to rediscover yourself, your voice, your gifts. Through embodiment practices, release of outdated patterning and practices to encourage heightened awareness, we will learn to understand ourselves at a deeper level; this, in turn will allow us to step into ourselves more fully - a precursor to the manifestation process working in our favour. Along with a deep connection to the Sisterhood, this is a safe space where anyone is welcome.

Like the moon, we WAX and WANE. We oscillate between DARK and LIGHT. 

Release old patterns. Remove Obstacles. Live Authentically. 
Step into your power.

Cosmic Influence:

The Moon works in 6 month cycles, starting as a New Moon in whichever constellation its moving through, then approximately 6 months later, the moon passes through this sign again as a Full Moon. This marks the ripening of an idea, an intention, a seed. Working with our manifestation process in this way, not only holds us accountable month to month, but it clearly marks our progression toward whatever we are manifesting. I have worked with my own process in this way for some years now, nothing is more incredible than seeing the arc of your own personal journey in ritual ceremony under Mother Luna. The Dark Moon cycle will run from June - November 2023.

Through this cycle, I will weave in disciplines and practices which have helped me to overcome my own limitations, anxiety and depression. The Sisterhood offers us a kind space where we can hold one another accountable to our highest growth. We will work with

  • boundaries and space
  • Shadow work
  • Myth & archetypes
  • Manifestation (the complete process)
  • Tantra
  • Inner child work
  • Attachment styles
  • EFT
  • Divination
  • Ritual Magick
  • Moon Magick
  • Embodiment practices
  • Sacred Ceremony


For this cycle, I will offer 2 tiers:


Tier 1

  • Access to the monthly live circles
  • A practice or ritual sent to your inbox to honour the Full Moon which you can do in your own time.


Tier 2

  • Access to the monthly live circles
  • A practice or ritual sent to your inbox to honour the Full Moon which you can do in your own time.
  • A monthly connection call with me. This call is an opportunity to check in on your manifestation process and to offer guidance on the spiritual path. During these calls, I will be using EFT, Tarot, and Reiki among other modalities in order to help you on your path.


What to expect:
  • Access to monthly live circles (via Zoom) on the Full Moon: developing connection through The Sisterhood
  • Visioning with Dark Goddesses, reclaiming lost wisdom
  • Relevant Ritual & ceremony 
  • Connecting to the inner (menstrual) and outer (lunar) cycles
  • Manifestation Process/ Breakdown
  • Working with the shadow, boundaries & inner connection
  • Accessing & healing through Yoga Nidra
  • Dissolving Ego based traits through Meditation, Yoga, Journalling
  • Monthly Sadhanas to break barriers, move forward with your intentions 
  • Overcoming samskaras through Tantric practices

Every Full Moon you will receive a monthly practice in your inbox to work with around this expansive time of the cycle. This will be prerecorded and you can do it in your own time. This will vary month to month from Yoga practices, meditations, yoga nidra, breathwork, chakra practices, etc. These are dependent on the astrological sign in question and the season. This package once a month will always include a New Moon ritual to initiate and cultivate the manifestation practices. 

Dates for your diary below. Online circles are held as close to the Full Moon as possible.

Dark Moon Calendar for Monthly Online Circles

Circles are 7-9pm GMT

Monday June 19th 7pm
Monday 17th July 7pm
Tuesday 15th August 7pm 
Thursday 14th September 7pm
Sunday 15th October 7pm 
Monday 13th  November 7pm

This work is dependent on you. You get out what you put in. By deciding to embark on this journey, I strongly advise you make the commitment to yourself to put the effort into these practices, to show up for the live circles, to stay connected to your sadhana. I can certainly guide you on this path and will be consistently available to you, however, if you really want to manifest change, you must dedicate to that intention. If you make this commitment and stick to it, you shall reap the rewards. 

*Sign up to this cycle will close on Thursday 15th June*
By purchasing you agree to  pay €27 per month for six months