BLOODMOON: Practices for menstrual & lunar cycles

BLOODMOON: Practices for menstrual & lunar cycles

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A selection of 5 Yoga practices designed for different phases in the menstrual/lunar cycles. 

These classes reflect the energetic shifts we are constantly moving through. Using your menstrual cycle OR the lunar cycle as a guide for these practices, means they can be used by anyone. Each class comes with an overview to help you choose the best practice for yourself on any given day. 

Depending on how you're feeling, what phase of your cycle or the lunar cycle, choose a practice which will meet you where you are. Learning how to move with the rhythms and cycles of nature is a lifelong skill which will promote harmony and balance in the mind and body. 

By purchasing this course you have lifetime access to these classes. Please allow some time for us to grant you access to the platform.