Sisters of the Moon: The Complete Cycle (Tier 2)

Sisters of the Moon: The Complete Cycle (Tier 2)

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Tier 2 gives you access to the monthly live Full Moon circles*as well as the Dark Moon practices as well as a monthly connection call with me to assist you on your journey. These calls are 1 hour and we will use modalities such as tarot, EFT and reiki. If you are someone who is entering into your spiritual practice, I would be honoured to assist you on this path of Manifestation & Transformation. 

*all circles are recorded 

About the process:

Sisters of the Moon is a 6 month commitment to yourself and your highest growth in tandem with the Lunar cycles. The Moon moves in 6 month cycles which is what makes this work truly transformative. Using this 6 month cycle as a container for manifestation, connection and inner work, we meet online once a month under the full moon where we collectively gather to ‘do the work’. I also send you a Dark Moon ritual or practice to your inbox which you can do at the start of each Lunar cycle in your own time. 

My intention is to create space in such an overcrowded, busy-obsessed world. This is a place to rediscover yourself, your voice, your gifts. Through embodiment practices, release of outdated patterning and practices to encourage heightened awareness, we will learn to understand ourselves on a deeper level; this, in turn will allow us to step into ourselves more fully - a precursor to the manifestation process working in our favour. Along with a deep connection to the Sisterhood, this is a safe space where anyone is welcome.


Through this cycle, I will weave in disciplines and practices which have helped me to overcome my own limitations, anxiety and depression. The Sisterhood offers us a kind space where we can hold one another accountable to our highest growth. We will work with

  • Boundaries and Space
  • Shadow work
  • Myth & Archetypes
  • Manifestation (the complete process)
  • Tantra
  • Inner child work
  • Attachment styles
  • EFT
  • Divination
  • Ritual Magick
  • Moon Magick
  • Embodiment practices
  • Sacred Ceremony
  • Yoga Nidra
  • Meditation

Live Circles: Dates for your diary (each circle is as close to the Full Moon as possible, while attending the live space will be the most potent, these sessions are also recorded)

Circles are 7-9pm GMT

Friday 6th January 7pm

Monday 6th February 7pm

Tuesday 7th March 7pm 

Thursday 6th April 7pm

Thursday May 4th 7pm 

Monday June 5th 7pm

***This is a subscription model, billed monthly. By signing up you commit to the full 6 payments***


This work is dependent on you. You get out what you put in. By deciding to embark on this journey, I strongly advise you make the commitment to yourself to put the effort into these practices, to show up for the live circles, to stay connected to your sadhana. I can certainly guide you on this path and will be consistently available to you, however, if you really want to manifest change, you must dedicate to that intention. If you make this commitment and stick to it, you shall reap the rewards.