Awakening The Chakras: An 8 part course

Awakening The Chakras: An 8 part course

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We are all made up of energy, oftentimes we can be dealing with emotional or energetic issues which stem from blockages in our energy body. This 8 part series is an exploration into the Chakra system week-by-week. During this course we will go into great depth with each Chakra, get a sense of knowing when a Chakra is under or over active, as well as learning techniques to balance the energy body. I have designed this series to allow you to go deeper into self exploration, to realise where you are blocked, to explore your energy body and to move into a more balanced, harmonious relationship with yourself. Each week we will explore a new Chakra through Yoga, Tantra, Meditation and reflective work. The final week will be a live session where we can all come together and connect everything we have learned. This session will also be an opportunity to ask questions and share experiences. If you feel ready to expand your practice beyond the physical and truly experience the power within you, then this course is for you.

Course Objectives:

- To work with your energy body in order to realise where you are stuck and instigate a practice which will work directly on your own personal blockages.

- To deepen your knowledge of the energy body and how yoga asanas can directly affect certain chakras.

- To become more intuitive on and off the mat; to understand yourself on a deeper level as well as strengthening your mind-body connection. 

- To expand your yoga practice from the physical into the subtle, building your awareness within the postures and refining them energetically.

You will receive: 1 video and PDF per week for the duration of the course. These are best done sequentially, you can do these classes at a time that suits you, as many times as you would like. A week after the final video is sent we will connect for a live session to move through these practices together, as well as a Q&A session afterwards. This course comprises of 8 sessions in total.

Week 1 video will be sent on Monday October 5th, each sequential video will be sent on the forthcoming Mondays, the last week being on the week of November 23rd (we will arrange the live class at a time most convenient for everyone). As this is mainly a self led course, you are still welcome to join even after the course has begun.

This course is suitable for those who have been practising yoga for a period of time and are ready to go deeper. If you are unsure if this is for you, please get in touch.