Posture Workshop - May 5th 2-4pm

Posture Workshop - May 5th 2-4pm

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Sitting at a desk all day, carrying heavy bags, driving, mobile phones, the list is endless. Such tasks affects our posture and spinal health. 

In this workshop we will look at bad postural patterns and how to change them. The practice of Yoga can be a great tool to reverse negative posture patterns and teach us the muscle memory of holding ourselves upright, encouraging correct posture. 

3 areas seriously affect our posture, by focusing on these areas we can begin to understand our particular body's posture patterns and reverse them

We will look at:

-thoracic recalibration

-strengthening through the core

-both opening and strengthening of the hip joint

If you feel like you are hunching, rounding, slouching, or if you have reoccurring pain in the back - then this workshop is for you!