The benefits of not indulging in the masculine

So our life is constant. Go go go. Don't spend too much time worrying about where you are, instead-focus on where you're going next! This is what we are engaged to believe in order to keep capitalism alive. No wonder we're all anxious/stressed/depressed. No wonder we're striving for the next promotion/the next tinder swipe/the next "goal".

We are so focused on the yang or 'masculine' element of our lives that we don't take any time for the yin/feminine. Physically; whether you go to the gym and lift weights, or are a die hard yogi, progression will only advance with balance. Yes we condition and strengthen muscles, but when we do that we also limit their flexibility. By practicing something like yin regularly, we can teach our muscles to lengthen; allowing more flexibility in the body.

Our yang-pragmatic-logistic minds are over-fed in current society. We are constantly faced with ways we can increase our bank balances, be more productive or be more beautiful. Beauty should come from our strength within. It should come from our complete acceptance of ourselves right in this moment.
To practice yin, for even the most active bodied people is a challenge. It's a challenge because it teaches us to sit with ourselves in silence and to let go of many unknown emotions or feelings which arise within this practice. It's more difficult because we never do it. The go go go mentality doesn't allow us.

The practice of yoga teaches us to sit quietly with ourselves and to accept ourselves. To get closer to what we are at our core beings. Stop striving. Stop going. Start being.

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