Sweet Aubergine Dhal



8-ish Cardamom pods 
1 x Red onion (chopped)
Garlic (3-4 cloves, chopped)
1 x red chilli (chopped finely)
Green peppercorns
Cayenne pepper
Dried mixed berries (handful)
1 x Aubergine (diced)
Parsley (handful, chopped)
Mint (handful, chopped)
1 x can chopped tomatoes
1 x can green lentils
Salt and pepper
Brown rice

-Crush the cardamom pods
-Sautée with red onion in salt and oil
-Add garlic, chilli, green peppercorns to the pan
-Add dried spices, toss all ingredients together
-Add dried mixed berries and aubergine, sautée
-Add chopped mint and parsley
-Blitz can of tomatoes in the food processor
-Add lentils and tomatoes into the pan
-Simmer, adding water occasionally, reducing.
-While the curry is reducing (the longer the better) cook your rice.
-Season to taste
-Serve with raw shredded kale

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