Struggling with your yoga practice? My tips on returning to the mat

We all have days where we're not in the mood. Tired, overworked, racked with guilt that you haven't moved your body in a week (or so).... Excuses are another way of entering into self destruction mode. Nobody is too busy for 10mins a day, now is the time to change your habits. Here are my tips for establishing a regular practice and making each time on the mat count toward making you stronger, calmer and more aligned with your true self.

First thing to note; now I'm sure you've heard this one before, but-stepping onto the mat is the hardest part. So if you find yourself making excuses, stop. Get on the mat. Hardest part done.

Second-don't spend too much time thinking about 'I have to do it, when will I do it, I'm dreading doing it'. There's just no point in ruminating over what is to come, it will put you off getting it done. Focus instead on the present moment bringing you toward stepping on the mat. Once you're on the mat, be present there-that is the teaching of your entire practice.

Third: do not guilt trip yourself for skipping practice. Guilt is a low vibration emotion. It will not move you forward and will only perpetuate negative, critical thinking. It's ok to take a day off. Similarly, recognise when you are slacking and crack the whip if you are, but never enter into feeling bad about yourself.

Fourth: when you do your practice, push yourself a little harder than you normally would, especially if you have less time than normal. You can squeeze a lot into 10 minutes of yoga and work on every part of the body. Pushing harder will set you up for a stronger practice next time and will leave you feeling more accomplished after your practice.


Fifth: do a class. Try to go to a class at least once a week. It will motivate you and you will always, always learn something new.

Sixth: take 10 mins per day (5 days a week). Just taking that small amount of time and getting into a habit of taking that time will set you up to do it every day. Thinking of how much you do for other people every day, take this time to do something for yourself, even if it's just meditation and no physical movement-this is a practice of self care which will teach you to show yourself love and respect.

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