Self Doubt...We All Do It!


I'm sure everyone can relate to having those moments of doubt. Second guessing yourself and wondering if you're good enough. For me this has to be one of the most reoccurring themes in my life. I think, subconsciously I have just let it happen over the years and only now at the tender age of 30 am I trying to become fully aware of it and stop it in its tracks. Easier said than done of course. The inner voice of self worth destruction is not at all an easy one to shut up. So this voice belittles you, which in turn leads to fear, which then leads to inaction and inaction leads to lack of self worth-and so the cycle perpetuates. It's a completely futile habit to take part in and it's incredibly hard to break-and I'm still trying.

I think if we start by trying to overcome the fear (mentioned in the second stage of above cycle) then we can perhaps begin to disassemble the cycle altogether. By facing up to your fears-whether they involve trying to do a headstand or having to tell John that you don't love him anymore-you can truly see what you are capable of.

Now, at present for me, this is a theory. Which I am currently testing, as there are a great many fears of mine which still need facing. Breaking a subconscious pattern like this is a pretty tough mountain to climb, my ascent is in its infancy-so naturally, I'll start with baby steps. Yoga practice is like a support system for that, as long as I take the time to commit to the practice-that alone gives me so much more strength to do the things which really terrify me.

I suppose it's worth remembering that we are all people, born with the same structural make up and with minds capable of as much or as little as we choose. So perhaps if you doubt yourself constantly, test the theory! See if it works for you. Whatever happens, by facing your fears, you will instigate growth. Growth will instigate strength. Strength will remind you that maybe, just maybe you should believe in yourself more...

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