Re-connecting With Your Inner Child

With all of this week’s astrology pointing toward having fun and living in our own world of dreams, it really made me stop and think-when was the last time I really embraced my inner child? As in really had fun, let go and been carefree. I could probably count the times in the last year on one hand, which isn’t enough really. This has led me to re-think frustration I face in my practice. Not being able to do something in my practice and falling over repeatedly can at times prompt frustration, naturally. Learning to do something difficult aids in the process of breaking down the person and rebuilding them, teaching humility and perseverance along the way.

So many times I can recall feeling defeated and completely unable in my practice. For example, splits still feels like an unobtainable achievement for me, with my elastic band like hamstrings which refuse to lengthen any further. Sitting in supported splits for me is total torture, however, how would childlike me have felt about that? She probably wouldn’t be concerned with whether she could do it or not but instead just gone for it. I remember as a little girl whenever I learned how to do something new, I would repeat it consistently for a good 45 minutes, hailing from the rooftops to my parents ‘look at me! Look what I can do! You’re not looking! Watch! Look what I learned!’ To which my Dad would gently remind me 20 minutes into this repetitive rigmarole that he’d seen it 14 times at this stage and indeed, he had seen it the first time too. I don’t think we lose that sense of achievement and satisfaction as adults when we finally nail something which we’ve been working at for a while. So why don’t we shout about it? Is it the fear of being labelled narcissistic?

I suppose what I’m getting at here is that our child-selves never go away, but for some reason as adults we try to suppress them. We try to act serious in order to be taken seriously, which has us inundated with everyone walking around with their serious hats on, with the only escape from adulthood being getting drunk at the weekend and reverting to childlike tendencies. But what if we could learn to incorporate that fun, playful attitude back into normal everyday life? My intention with this new moon is do exactly that. Whether it be laughing through a yoga practice, jumping in puddles, making a fort, toasting marshmallows or creating something and making an absolute mess. Reminding ourselves of who we were as kids and embracing that part of us, bringing it back to life-especially if we don’t regularly have children around us in our everyday lives. Start on the mat, play, explore, let go of the fear and enjoy it. Be the child, life is too short for all of this adulthood.

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