Namaste and welcome!

Hello all and welcome to Lucybloom Yoga! I'm very excited to begin weekly classes in a wonderful space in Ranelagh. I'll be teaching a vinyasa on Tuesday evenings and a Yin on Sunday evenings. You can see a brief description of the class types in the Classes section.

The style of yoga I teach aims to strengthen the body as well the mind through the eight limbs of yoga. This is achieved by mindful movement and moving meditation. With the steady focus toward calming the overactive mind through physical poses, strength will naturally occur in the body.

My aim is to help students to expand on their practice and reap the health benefits which a steady yoga practice can provide. Whether you're a beginner or already have a steady practice, there is always something new to learn and always deeper to go.

I will be covering everything from strength and conditioning, improving flexibility, stress management and relaxation techniques. 

Hope to see you on the mat and watch you Bloom!

Namaste x

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