My kombucha brewing process started fairly recently thanks to my old friend Alice, who told me exactly what to do and provided me with a scoby, so Alice if you're reading this-muchas gracias!

Ive tried some varying recipes and at the moment I'm loving green tea and mint leaves. So refreshing and light.

what you will need:

-a scoby

-tea bags


-large glass container (with no metal edging and a removable lid)

-tea towel and elastic band

-whatever flavours you want to infuse it with (e.g. Ginger//lemon//mint etc)

-glass bottles

First of all, measure out the amount of water that will fill your container for the first ferment.

Think 1 teabag for every 1.5 cups of water and 1 cup of sugar to every 8 teabags.

I usually use around 8 teabags (either back or green tea)

Brew the tea and add in the sugar. Simmer until sugar dissolves.

Allow tea to cool, remove tea bags and pour into the container with the scoby.

Secure the tea towel onto the top of the container with a rubber band.

Leave for a week to ferment.

Transfer the kombucha into bottles and add in whatever you wish to flavour it with. Leave for another week. 

After the second ferment, the kombucha is ready to enjoy!


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