Intermittent Fasting

Every religion has included intermittent fasting as a part of their repertoire. Seen as a way to give the digestive system a break and a way to cleanse the internal organs, fasting can be a good way to re-set your system.  It doesn’t have to mean fasting yourself for days on end to reap the benefits. I have been doing this for a while now, giving my digestive system a break really helps to boost my energy levels. Overall, it will help with weight loss, stabilising blood sugar levels, improve heart health and cognitive function. 
The easiest way to try this in my opinion is by using your sleep time as the majority of the fast. Let’s say you have dinner at 7pm on Wednesday evening, you want to aim to leave your body free of solids for 16 hours. This would mean not eating anything until 11am on Thursday morning. It’s surprisingly doable the the effects can be felt pretty quickly. I find that skipping breakfast and doing my yoga practice first thing actually really energises my practice. It is advised to practise yoga on an empty stomach anyway so this makes sense. I find that intermittent fasting actually helps reduce my hunger in general. Since I’ve started doing this, I don’t feel the need to eat as much as I used to, I feel this is due to me really listening to my body and knowing when I’m actually hungry or whether I’m just eating out of habit. It’s also gotten me into the habit of not eating first thing in the morning. I generally wait a while now before eating, giving my system a bit of time to get going instead of overloading it with food all day long.
On waking up in the morning I’ll drink about a pint of warm water, this really sustains my appetite, I’ll have a tea or coffee later in the morning if I feel I want something. I tend to just have warm water throughout the day before meals too. A lot of the time, our body is trying to tell us it’s dehydrated rather than hungry. Try drinking more water, you’ll notice the more you’re hydrating, the less you will eat, you will also really be able to ascertain when you are genuinely hungry and put an end to habitual eating, emotional eating and eating out of boredom. These habits are all used to pacify ourselves, once you cut them out, space will be created to really see yourself on a whole new level.
I can’t imagine this is for everyone, listen to your body, give it a go and see if it works for you.

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