Workshop: Heart Reset
 Sunday September 17th 3-5pm// €20

I'm delighted to announce an upcoming workshop in collaboration with Green Beards! This is a 2 hour long investment into the heart chakra-including a complementary Green Love cold pressed juice from Green Beards Juicery. For those of you that don't know, Green Beards is an amazing cold-pressed juice company with 2 stores in Ranelagh and Donnybrook. They have a diverse menu of juices, smoothies and even juice cleanses. The Green Love juice is an alkaline blend which aims to balance the pH levels in the body-a great way to relieve heart burn. So we will be cleansing the body from the inside-out.

The heart is such a huge focal point in the body for many physical and spiritual reasons. In this workshop we are going to go deep into the heart in every way. Physically the area of the heart is important as it where a lot of people suffer with bad posture-mainly kyphosis, which is the rounding of the upper back-the back of the heart. We will go through techniques focusing on:
-improving posture
-correcting kyphosis/prevent hunching
-heart openers
-improving spinal flexibility

Spiritually, the heart is a power house. Subconciously, we round the upper back to protect the heart as our hearts are sensitive and vulnerable. We hold so much emotion, love and hurt in the heart chakra and so often we are blinded by what is going on in our brains that we are not listening to the heart or following the hearts desire. We will be doing a heart chakra meditation designed to check in with our hearts. This is such a beneficial meditation for spiritually hitting the reset button, re-affirming what is important to YOU and honouring your path and your truth.

If you're feeling foggy, disassociated, heart-broken or just want to improve your posture and show yourself a little kindness-then this workshop is for you!

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