5 Practices For Staying Grounded and Defeating Anxiety

Grounded. Ask yourself what does that word mean to you. Humble? Real? Down to Earth? Whatever your interpretation of it is, I'm sure you get the gist. Now ask yourself how it features in your life. Whether you look at it from an esoteric point of view or you're more black and white in your approach; remaining grounded in tough situations can be such a benefit to how you live your life.

Energetically speaking, my root chakra is always where most of my issues are, meaning I struggle with grounding. I always get physical injuries in this area and I tend to be quite airy and all over the place - something I'm slowly but surely learning how to balance. Being ungrounded can show up in so many different ways. For me in the past it was always losing things, paranoid anxiety, insecurity and feeling disconnected from people and unable to interact with people properly. Other commonalities of this chakra being out of balance is dealing with insecurities by dominating situations, materialism and self destructive behaviour.

Over the years I've done a lot of self work, reiki, shamans, reflexologists, energy healers, therapists, medical doctors - you name it, I've done it. Having struggled greatly with anxiety in the past I've learned a few ways to help me to stay grounded and present, which in turn, when practiced, completely obliterate anxiety. So let's learn more about these magical practices...

1. Connect to the ground. At every moment, part of your body is in contact with the floor/ground. A really simple grounding meditation is to close your eyes and become aware of that connection. Focus on your breath for 5 minutes and just feel into whichever part of your body is being supported by the earth. Just being conscious of this small fact of life is instantly grounding.

2. Practise Gratitude. A daily practice of gratitude will change your life. By cognitively changing the way you think about things to be grateful for them will change how you perceive the whole universe around you. Even if something bad happens, expressing gratitude for the fact that it was meant to happen for whatever reason (these reasons all become apparent down the line), even just writing down a few things each night before going to sleep works wonders. When you wake up in the morning and get out of bed, say thank you as your feet hit the floor - this is such a positive and magical way to start your day and really starts the mind recognising all the small details we have to be thankful for.

3. Help Others. Serving others for no real personal gain is not only a wonderful way to live, but is also the most grounding action you can undertake. Restoring people's faith in humanity has a knock on effect, which will eventually make the world we live in a better place.

4. Practise Yoga. Become more aware of your body and everything it can do for you. Learning to balance in certain yoga poses and repeatedly falling over is perhaps the most humbling thing that can happen in a class of 20 or so people! This grounds us and encourages us to try, try again. Throughout the practice of yoga, we consistently ground down by focusing on the breath - the life force which is silently keeping you alive every second of every day, even when you are in the throws of living your life. By bringing awareness to the breath is to stay present, to live in and focus on the moment.

5. See the soul and divinity in everybody. This one is hard, lets face it. Sometimes you don't want to see the divinity in someone who has screamed profanities out of their car window to you, had an attitude with you, or let the door slam in your face. Even in the worst situations, when people are behaving undesirably, is usually the situation where such people need compassion most. A negative attitude is born out of a negative life. Learning to see people as people and not necessarily as how they've just acted out of impulse is a lesson in grounding. You cannot control how other people act, but you can control how you act. So instead of lashing out, becoming angry, instead focus on your breath and know that this is a person, someone's child, someone's brother or sister and is perhaps dealing with something bigger than this incident.

Staying grounded in a world where we are constantly being over stimulated isn't an easy task. I've certainly struggled with it in the past. With pretty much everyone suffering from anxiety nowadays due to this overstimulation; grounding practices are more beneficial than ever. Speaking from my own experience - spending time with yourself, learning yourself very deeply and seeing the same traits in other people and building that compassion towards others and gratitude for all that you are is infinitely healing. Just remember, at every moment of every day, you are breathing and you are supported by the earth-these 2 things are keeping you alive and keeping you present. To remind yourself of this constantly, is to stay grounded.


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